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Free WordPress Blog & Website Setup

We’ll install and set up a WordPress blog/website for you for free.

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What do I get?

What’s the catch? Why us? And other FAQs

There’s no catch! We do not ask you to pay anything to us. That’s mad, isn’t it? You would normally pay at least $150 for this sort of service.

Well, we do get paid at the end of the day, even though not by you ?

See, to keep this business model sustainable and provide you with the best service possible, we require users to sign up with one of our partner web hosts (listed below). For every new referring customer we get a small commission. We’ve hand-picked these hosting providers – they’re simply the best in the industry. So, to qualify for this free installation, you will need to sign up to one of our web hosting partners using links on this page.

Your benefit doesn’t end here. As we’ve partnered with these hosting providers, our customers get a special discounted price. So, not only you get a quality hosting provider (for which you were going to pay anyway), you’re getting it at a discounted price! This is simply Win-Win-Win for all parties involved.

But, as we like to keep our business transparent and trustworthy, we’d like you to know how much exactly we’re getting as a commission from each of our web hosting providers. See below for details!

Let’s get started!

It’s a super simple 3-step process!

To qualify for this free WordPress setup service you need to signup with our web hosting partners using links below. Please don’t use other links, external coupons or different hosting providers.

Once you’ve signed up with one of our partner web hosts using links above, fill out this form and we’ll get started on your new WordPress blog/website right away.


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