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Social Media Management

Social Media gave an incredible opportunity to people and businesses to express their thoughts and ideas. It is vital for businesses to be active on social media, as it enables your business to engage with your existing audience and reach new customers. It is an amazing way to supplement your exciting online strategy, by creating engagement. Social Media allows you to understand what people are saying about your brand, your company, your products/services, your competitors, and most importantly it allows you to be there when potential customers are searching for you.

Facebook is the largest social network ever built. Having a well designed & structured Facebook page enables your business to be seen by millions of users. By combining useful and entertaining info, you create a community of potential customers.

Twitter icon

Twitter is all about conversations and opinions. Being able to interact with you clients means that you care about their opinion and your customer service.

Google plus icon

Google + page is a must have for the business that wants to enhance their rankings and rank locally. Google Plus is challenging to set-up and optimise, however, it is unquestionably worth it.

Youtube icon

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world (after Google). although it is owned by Google. Yes, it’s bigger than Bing and Yahoo. Correctly optimised Youtube channel can generate a lot of benefits for your business (e.g. traffic)


Instagram is the largest visual social network that enables people and businesses expressing themselves using images and videos. Instagram has recently enabled paid advertising opportunities for business. 

Linked In Icon

A professional social network that opens doors to new people and B2B contacts. Linked In supports paid advertising that has to be accurately optimised.



£200per month
  • 3 Social Platforms Set-Up & Optimisation (Facebook, Twitter and Google+)
  • 2 Tweets/Day
  • 1 Facebook Post/Day
  • Google Plus Cross Posting


£350per month
  • 5 Social Platforms Set-Up & Optimisation (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linked In and Instagram/Pinterest)
  • 2 Tweets/Day
  • 2 Facebook Posts/Day
  • 1 Instagram/Pinterest Post/Day
  • Google Plus Cross Posting
  • Linked In Set-Up & Optimisation
  • 1 Paid Advertising Platform Management (e.g. Facebook)


£550per month
  • 6 Social Platforms Set-Up & Optimisation (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linked In, Instagram and Pinterest)
  • 3 Tweets/Day
  • 3 Facebook Posts/Day
  • 2 Instagram Posts/Day
  • 1 Pinterest Post/Day
  • Google Plus Cross Posting
  • Linked In Set-Up & Optimisation
  • 2 Paid Advertising Platforms Management (e.g. Facebook and Twitter)

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