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Definition of Blacklist

Blacklist is something that none of us like to hear. In the context of blogging, blacklist is a very versatile word and refers to the many ways users can become blocked from having their messages, or content from ever being seen by their intended audience.

If you engage in black hat or unethical practices of SEO, you’ll often end up on a blacklist – meaning you may be banned from engaging with other users and networking or sending links. Your site can also be penalised and left out of a search result, or put to a very far back page that most people will never find – a fate that nobody wants to befall their blog.

Comment spamming is a common method of ending up on a blacklist. Those who have adopted the approach often spam the comments sections of blogs in the hope that the links they leave behind will drive traffic to their site in a bid to ultimately gain exposure. Doing this tends to involve leaving automated and deliberately vague messages on a massive number of blogs in the hope that it’ll return some visitors to the commenter’s site.

Blogging sites such as WordPress have enabled plugins to be developed in a bid to send spammy comments onto a blacklist, which can be configured by its user to immediately get rid of any articles based on predetermined keywords and the type of links in the body of the text.

Blogs have followed suit from search engine blacklists, which are perpetually on the lookout for serial spammers – whether it be irrelevant keyword spamming, or illegitimate link building – careless SEO could end up spelling disaster for your website.

Furthermore, email blacklists have big ramifications for SEO too. If your domain gets blacklisted by credible email providers, it will require you to transfer your correspondence to a much less trusted account elsewhere – which can potentially harm communications within the realm of SEO and beyond.

Tip: Be sure to conduct yourself responsibly when interacting with other users. One of the greatest perks of blogging is the large community emphasis that it boasts, but try to avoid the temptation of self-promotion in areas that may be seen as irrelevant to your content. Ending up on a blacklist may be too costly to risk.

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