Don’t forget that SEO is also fun: 20 Best SEO Memes

September 17th, 2016. Posted by Solvid.

Julian Assange SEO Meme

Just like the vast majority of jobs, SEO requires a lot of commitment and patience. As an SEO, you are doing a lot of work without instant results, which, at times, can get very frustrating and stressful, especially when clients expect an immediate return.

I’d like to remind every SEO’er that our job can also be ironically funny 🙂

Note: These memes are likely to carry no meaningful sense to people outside of the SEO World. Just like in any group of close friends, you have jokes that only you and your fellows get. Same applies here 🙂

You have definitely read one of these posts…

Joker SEO Meme

Matt Cutts is so Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts SEO Meme

My psychological state when there is a sitemap error in Search Console

Sitemap Error SEO Meme

When you get tired of following Google’s “Best Practices”

Google SEO Meme

A bit of music in SEO

Adele SEO Meme

How could we forget  about Rand Fishkin

rand fishkin seo meme

Yeah right, SEO is just great PR

SEO is just great PR meme

Here is another one on Julian Assange 

Julian Assange SEO Meme

Who else does this?

Rick Ross SEO Meme

The painful truth

SEO Meme

A bit more on Matt Cutts and great content

matt cutts seo meme

Only people who watch Google Webmaster Central would get this…

John Mueller SEO Meme

The only guy who built links from CNN, NBC, The Guardian and so forth.

Edward Snowden SEO Meme

Disavowing links is tough

liam neeson seo meme

When auditing sites

SEO Meme

That’d be great

that be great seo meme

Everyone who follows Dr.Pete on Twitter would probably get this

Dr pete meme

Who else does this? 🙂

Checks rankings seo meme

And finally, out special edition! The feeling when a client offers like $200 and expects you to outrank Amazon.


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