70 Popular Websites Before & Now – The Design Evolution

June 24th, 2016. Posted by Solvid.

Website design comes from the early 90s. In this post, we’ve decided to take a visual and interactive approach to display how 70 most popular websites looked in the past and how the design has changed. We’ve found early versions of websites like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Ford, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Forbes, Inc and many more.

To use, simply move the yellow handle to the left or right. We hope you enjoy this piece! Let us know if you’d like to see more of this stuff.

1.Apple (2010 & Now)

2.Ford (2005 & Now)

3.GoDaddy (2005 & Now)

4.Google (2005 & Now)

5.Intel (2009 & Now)

6.Pepsi (2010 & Now)

7.Toyota (2008 & Now)

8.Wikipedia (2002 & Now)

9.Groupon (2011 & Now)

10.Amazon (2005 & Now)


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