9 Proofreading Tools & Services That Help Boosting Conversion Rates

9 Proofreading Tools

The holy grail for any social marketer is someone who makes the leap from reader to the customer. The more people you can convince to buy your product, the better off you and your brand are. However, maybe you’ve found that your rates are dropping recently.

This could be as simple as a proofreading issue with your copy. If your text isn’t grammatically correct or easy to follow, people will not part with their cash.

Proofreading may not seem like that significant an issue to spend a great deal of time or money on, but skipping this essential step could be costing you conversions and hurting your bottom line. There are a number of reasons why it’s so important to take proofreading seriously.

First, from the perspective of your readers and potential customers, there’s a level of credibility and trust that could be lost with careless grammatical or spelling errors. Readers want to know that you’re a good source of information and that you’ve taken the time to provide them with well-researched, valuable content. Errors in your material can call that all into question. When someone knows they can always turn to you for great content, they’ll keep coming back. And, you’ll be at the top of their list when they’re ready to convert that cash into products and services.

Second, when looking at your content through the eyes of a search engine, mistakes can be heavy red strikes against you. Search engines want to see flawless writing that gives true value to their users. When content is riddled with errors, it loses credibility and, by default, much of its value to the reader. Keeping your content in pristine proofread condition means you’ll score higher with the search engines, increasing your opportunity for better conversion rates.

Proofreading your material is definitely a step in the creation process that cannot be skipped. It does take some time and skill to complete, but there are resources out there to assist you if you’re overloaded with other work or you just don’t feel confident in proofreading the content yourself. If you’re having problems, here’s nine proofreading tools that make the job easy and improve your copy amazingly.

1. Readability Test Tool

The first thing you need to check with your writing is that it’s easy to read. If you paste it into this tool, it will check it against several readability metrics. The result given is the average reading age needed to understand it. The younger the reading age, the better. If the results aren’t what you want, it’s time to make tweaks to your copy.

2. UKWritings

Proofreading a piece of writing yourself can be hard. You’re very close to it, so you may miss errors that are obvious to everyone else. This proofreading service offers to proofread it for you, so you won’t publish anything with an easily spotted mistake in it. They’re quick to work with and priced reasonably, so they’re well worth checking out.

3. Proofread Bot

Do you just need a quick way to check over the mechanics of your writing? If you’re writing to strict deadlines, you probably do. This tool could be just the ticket. Just paste your writing in, and it will instantly highlight any errors that it comes across. You can then edit them quickly, paste the correct work back in, and publish with confidence.

4. Assignment Help

To improve the readability of your writing, you need to improve your grammar. Are you struggling with yours? Then you need to read this grammar guide. It covers everything, from commonly used myths to the basics of there/they’re/their. Once you have it bookmarked, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

5. BoomEssays

Hate editing? It’s rare to find a writer who likes it. If you’re way too busy to edit or just don’t want to, this service has your back. They can take any piece and polish it up to a mirror shine, meaning that it’s sure to attract more readers and potential customers to your site. Their turn around is quick too, so you won’t be waiting around for long.

6. Easy Word Count

Feel like your posts aren’t long enough, or keep going longer after the reader has lost interest? Try this tool on for size. All you have to do is paste your writing in, and you’ll get a quick and accurate word count. It will also highlight any spelling mistakes it finds. You can make the edits needed and put out a piece of writing you can be proud of.

7. Essayroo

Proofreading tools that are easily accessed online are the best ones to use. This tool allows you to get in touch with expert proofreaders, wherever you are in the world. Talk to them about your work, send them the piece, and they’ll have it proofread and edited for you. It’s quick and easy to do, all from the comfort on your PC.

8. Academized

Need a quick grammar reference guide when you’re writing? Not sure that you’re using that word or rule correctly? This grammar guide has you covered. Keep it open when you’re writing, and you can check on issues as you’re going along. It will save a lot of time with proofreading in the long run, and your grammar will be impeccable.

9. Conversion Rate Calculator

This handy little tool lets you see at a glance how your website visitor numbers affect your sales. Enter the information in, as well as your average sale total, and you’ll get a graph that illustrates the relationship. Once you have this information, you can start setting goals and upping your readership, so you can start making some real money.

Proofreading isn’t an exact science, but it helps to have some tools on your side. As well as these, get a friend or associate to help you out. It’s amazing how much they can catch that you missed. Get into the habit of proofreading regularly, and it’ll become second nature.

If you’re known for accurate posts, readers will trust you and become your customers. Put these tools to the test and see for yourself.

Mary Walton
Writer at OXEssays
Mary Walton is a professional writer and editor. Her recent works have been published on HuffingtonPost and Forbes.
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