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10 Best Backlink Checker Tools To Monitor Backlinks in 2018

Backlinks are the backbone of successful SEO. The art of having external websites link to your own remains one of the most effective ways of gaining big traffic and in turn, climbing the search engine rankings. Afterall, who will stumble upon your site if it’s got no links from elsewhere across the internet? Checking backlinks also has a significant role to play in outreach campaigns. By finding a competitor’s links, you can target websites that may be on the lookout for updating their resources and references. Here we’ve come up with a list that focuses on 10 of the best ... Read more

50+ Actionable SEO Techniques & Tips You Can Use in 2018

Wouldn’t it be incredible if someone could simplify SEO? With all the jargon, complicated steps and tools you need to use, it can be hard to know where to start. It can be challenging to know if you’re even capable of starting it yourself. We decided that needed to change, so we wrote this post. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an already-established SEO pro looking for some inspiration, these 50 actionable SEO techniques will be of use to you. At any point, you’ll be able to stop reading this post, navigate to your site and implement them. Seriously, it’ll ... Read more

Local SEO in 2018: 8 Most Important Local Ranking Factors

Local SEO is a niche aspect of SEO that many businesses tend to overlook. Yes, ranking high on the organic page results in a niche is great. However, brick-and-mortar stores with no focus on local SEO are likely losing a lot of business. Because the local customer base probably isn’t finding them over the local competition with a grip on their local SEO. With that in mind, it’s our goal to condense local SEO into the 8 factors worth knowing. So, whether you’re a brick-and-mortar store looking for a leg-up on the competition, a digital marketer looking for inspiration, or ... Read more

Use Keyword Consistency to Lower AdWords Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

On-page keyword use is a key concept in search engine optimization. Using keywords effectively goes all the way back to day one of SEO, even if the definition of “using keywords effectively” has changed from density to keyword consistency. But what about PPC? Will using keywords effectively for SEO do anything for your AdWords campaigns? In this piece, we’ll cover the concept of keyword consistency, how to achieve it and how it will impact your AdWords Quality Score and CPCs. What Is Keyword Consistency? “Keyword consistency” is, quite simply, the measure of whether or not a keyword is appearing in ... Read more

3 Similarities Between Google’s Algorithms and Trump

Who would’ve thought it? Google, the world’s best-loved and famously forward-thinking search engine, have orchestrated their algorithms to behave just like the controversial and divisive leader of the free world. Why are Google’s algorithms similar to Donald Trump? Well aside from the lazy comparisons of both possessing huge, unwavering influence and the former’s logo using a touch of the suspiciously familiar orangey-shade-of-yellow we’re accustomed to seeing atop the latter’s head, there are plenty of things. Let’s investigate further. Unpredictability We’re in uncharted territory. From the night of the 8th of November 2016 to this very day, experts and leading political ... Read more

Why Content Creation Is The Single Most Effective SEO Technique

The goal of SEO is to increase the use and attention that the website gets. It aims to bring the right people to the website via search engine results. The more people meet their expectation and get what they need based on their search engine queries, the more people will come back to the website. The website has to be truly useful and provide real value so that when it comes up through the search engine, people actually use the website and come back as many times as possible. Gary Vaynerchuk is an online and social marketing expert. He is ... Read more

How To Drive Quality Referral Traffic From Quora To Boost SEO

Here’s the deal: Quora is a traffic goldmine. The site gets about 200 million unique visitors every month. To be able to get 0.1% of that would be amazing. Heck, even 0.01% would be life-changing for most. The question is… How do you tap into Quora’s massive user base? Well, Quora is a Q&A site. People go there to ask and answer questions. You’re probably thinking…can’t I just post links? I’m afraid it isn’t that easy. If it were that simple, you wouldn’t be here, would you? You’d probably be in your traffic analytics right now grinning from ear to ... Read more

SEO Content Syndication: How It Works & How To Do It Effectively

When done correctly, syndication can be an extremely effective method of developing your brand and your online visibility. So, why should you go down the route of SEO content syndication and how do you do it effectively? First of all, it’s necessary to understand the difference between guest posting and content syndication. Content Syndication Syndication refers to the strategy of taking your own website content and allowing one or more other parties to post a copy of the content on their own site. The syndicated content can be an extract from the original or the whole thing. Guest Posting Guest ... Read more

PPC vs SEO: Where to Invest Your Time, Money, Work and Effort

PPC or SEO? Which one would work better for your company? Should you pay users to come to your site, or rather rely on organic searches made by your target audience? While the question seems to imply an either/or situation, the reality is that there are pros and cons to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and search engine optimisation (SEO). We’ll discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of each. Pay-per-Click This strategy requires you to pay for advertisements that bring traffic to your website through Google Adwords, Bing Ads or any other popular search engine. It’s a bit like opening a ... Read more