The Hidden Superpower of Animated Videos for SEO & Marketing


Dmytro Spilka

Webmasters and marketers alike will have felt the wrath of Google over the past few years when it comes to optimising content for the online world. Google was determined to deal with the slew of bad content spreading throughout the Internet, and so instilled a number of algorithm updates to ensure that only relevant content was shown to those using its search engine to find information. One of the many updates that decided as to how a page ranks was how long the average user stayed on a particular page.

Evidently, this meant a fresh approach has to be taken when promoting content, but what can we do that hasn’t been done before.

While it’s always advisable to have an SEO overhaul of your site if you’re ever in doubt that something isn’t performing as it should, it could be that you’re just missing that little something extra.

If you have browsed the Internet for services or products, you have undoubtedly seen a series of animated videos on a number of different websites. This isn’t some new passing phase, as animated videos have proven to be a big hit with online users, but why is this?

The Internet has changed for the better, and people are becoming more and more interested in the background of online entities, and animated videos allow businesses to provide such information that is easy to consume while showcasing their business in the best light.

Bring Any Concept to Life

A great idea in your head is brilliant, but a great idea that can be shown to others is even better. Animation allows you to have total creative freedom, as well as putting in place a clear presentation of what your idea entails. Animated videos also catch the attention of online users much quicker than written content, so your idea is already in a prime position when it comes to promotion.

Rank Better in Search Engines

Like Coca-Cola and KFC, Google has its own secret formula. Although there are aspects of the algorithm we may not be aware of, that doesn’t mean that we can’t take on board what we do know. It’s a known fact that for a page to rank well, it has to be immersive, and this is ascertained by how long a number of users have stayed on a particular page and interacted with the content.

Animated videos have been shown to grab the attention of online users, and many will often stay to watch the video in full. As you can imagine, this can only mean that you fare better when it comes to ranking in Google. Of course, other factors have to be considered, but having a uniformed strategy that includes the posting of videos can only serve you well moving forward.

Videos Are Easy to Share

Sometimes the simplest things in life are often the most useful, and this is true when it comes to content sharing. Sharing written content can involve a little more elbow grease than when doing it via an animated video. However, you should ensure that your animated video is immersive, as uninteresting content means fewer shares, if any.

As such, you should ensure that your video is captivating from the off. This can be especially useful for the ‘autoplay’ feature that is seen on Facebook. You could even use a little humour or some amazing facts to try and reach the viral demographic.

There’s also the fact that animated videos aren’t limited to your website alone. There are many video platforms, such as Vimeo and YouTube, that help you promote videos with the use of tags, titles, keywords and descriptions.

Present Your Content in The Right Context

We’ve all at some point received a text message and looked at it in a perplexed manner because we aren’t sure on the context of the message. This can also be true for the online world. While there is some great content out there, there is some that can cause readers to turn away, simply because they don’t understand the full context of your content.

Animated videos allow you to set the tone and ensure that your content is presented in a clear and concise way. This can mean that your content isn’t misinterpreted, and will enjoy more interaction as a result.

Animated Videos Stand Out

Whether you’re looking online or via social media platform, you will have no doubt noticed that high traffic could often mean a lot of noise. While it’s great having access to so many different types of content, it can mean that you can get lost in the hustle and bustle.

As such, many will be looking for a way to cut through the noise and make the right kind of impact online. As such, many embrace the power of the animated video, as it allows them to offer online users content that is fresh, immersive and engaging without having to lure them in with text alone, giving them a much better standing in the online domain.

Let Your Personality Do the Selling

Some people can be put off by the whole corporate image, so it makes sense to approach potential customers from a number of directions when attempting to promote your business. One popular method is showcasing your personality, allowing customers to see your business and its products in an entirely different light. If done in the right way, an animated video can help persuade those who may have been doubtful in the first instance.

You can also deliver the right kind of vibe for your company. So, for those who are specialising in fashion wear, it can be an idea to seek out what kind of videos are trending within that demographic. Many videos find success because it offers a solution to a problem, which can be used to cross-sell your services. As an example, let’s take Moz’s White Board Friday, they have been consistently publishing SEO tutorials every week, which gained Moz a lot of exposure and presumably, new customers.

Hopefully, these benefits should help outline why an animated video can make all the difference when it comes to your marketing efforts. To make a connection with today’s online user, you need to make a connection, and animated videos are an ideal way to do this.

Dmytro Spilka

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