List of 180+ Websites/Blogs That Accept Guest Posts & Contributions

200+ Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Disclaimer: This list in no way guarantees that all or any of the websites listed below will accept your content, guest post or contribution. This post/list shall only be treated as a go-to resource for those who are looking to contribute their work to various media publications. The vast majority of these sites would require you to show some expertise & have some experience before allowing you to submit guest posts/contributions. So, take your time and ensure that your content is of top-notch quality before reaching out to any of these websites/blogs.

Also, it’s worth noting that by the time you read this post, some websites might have changed the rules and guidelines for guest blogging, have completely closed external submissions, decreased or increased in Domain Authority and/or Alexa Rank. That being said, we’ll try our best to keep this list updated and provide you with the most accurate, comprehensive and reliable source.

1,300 Guest Blogging Websites

Before we jump over to the main part of this event, let’s go through the definition of guest blogging, how it can help you and things to be aware of.

What is Guest Posting?

For those of you who are not quite familiar with content marketing, blogging and SEO, Guest Posting is an act of writing and publishing a blog post or an article on someone else’s blog or website. Your work may or may not be compensated financially. This purely depends on whether the website/blog offers a financial incentive for your contributions.

There is a little difference between guest posting & being a contributor. Guest posting is more for those who are looking to contribute a one-off post, whereas being a contributor may require some degree of commitment (e.g. producing 2-3 posts per month).

Whatever you prefer to call this process, ensuring that your posts are published only on reliable, quality and reputable websites is an absolute necessity if you wish to reap the rewards of guest blogging.

Wait a minute, didn’t Matt Cutts declare the death of guest blogging?

Oh, sh*t, you’re right, he did. We’ve spent over 50 hours crafting this post, and all of this has to be trashed now…

No, wait a second, there is a huge distinction between crappy guest blogging and quality contributions of your original, well-written and comprehensive content to authoritative, trusted and reputable blogs.

That’s where we should draw the line.

I’ll explain what Matt meant.

Overtime, guest posting (also known as guest blogging) has gained somewhat a negative reputation due to it being abused by “black hat” SEOs. Instead of focusing on long-term commitment and long-lasting relationship with the blogger, so called SEOs used guest posting only for building backlinks (most times on low-quality websites), usually spinning articles all over again and republishing them on different blogs.

Sure, most of us know that guest blogging has been hit by spammers, publishing low-quality articles on shitty blogs. But, does that really mean guest blogging is totally dead? No, not at all.

But Matt said…

Wait! Matt said, but then he clarified.

In his original post he said:

“So stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done; it’s just gotten too spammy.”

But after being swept away by over 650 comments (presumably from quality guest bloggers), he added the following:

“I’m not talking about multi-author blogs. High-quality multi-author blogs like Boing Boing have been around since the beginning of the web, and they can be compelling, wonderful, and useful.”

So, what’s the takeaway?

Simple! Don’t be spammy, don’t post horse crap on crappy websites, don’t accept horse crap (if you are the one receiving guest posts), don’t spin articles, don’t use guest blogging as your only SEO strategy, don’t automate the process, don’t post on irrelevant websites and don’t post the same article on multiple blogs.

Instead, be authentic, credible, write high-quality stuff and focus on long-term benefits of contributing your work to 3rd party websites.

I think we can draw a line here. I hope you have an understanding of how low-quality guest blogging is different from high-quality contributions.

What are the Benefits of Guest Posting/Contributing?

It would have been a crime to write this post and not to mention the main benefits of guest blogging. At the end of the day, you aren’t writing articles for 3rd party websites just because you have the time to do so. Although you may want to sound like a philanthropist when pitching articles, deep down in your soul, you are expecting something in return, whether it’s some nice referral traffic or a boost in your brand’s exposure.

Here are 11 main benefits of guest blogging for other websites:

  • Reach a wider audience: Contributing your work to external websites would mean that more people will see your work. Imagine this, if you get your article published on Forbes, 10s or even 100s of thousands of people would read your article, and if the subject is directly correlated with what you do, people will come back for more (often directly to your website).
  • Generate quality referral traffic: Quality posts that get seen and read by 1000s of people are likely to generate a ton of quality, targeted referral traffic. You know where this can lead to. Yes, more exposure and more sales.
  • Build long-lasting relationship: If you’re not one of those people who guest post just for links, you are likely to publish multiple articles on a single blog. This, in return, will tighten up the relationship with the owner of the blog and may lead to further partnerships.
  • Become an influencer: Being featured in authoritative websites and blogs would make you an influencer in the eyes of your potential audience. People would look up to you as an expert in your niche, and will often cite your words as the words of “The Almighty”.
  • Build up your social media presence: Wondering how to build up your social following without posting d*ck pics? Guest posting is the way to go. For instance, when someone shares your article, you would often get tagged and mentioned.
  • Increase an authority of your website: People are more likely to trust and buy from the brand that has a powerful web presence. If your product gets a decent review from The Next Web, would people have more confidence in purchasing that product of you? Sure thing.
  • Become more confident: Imagine getting featured in Forbes, Wired, Inc and Entrepreneur? That would definitely tell you something about the quality of your writing and your expertise.
  • Increase exposure & brand awareness: Similarly to increasing an authority of your website, guest blogging can expose your brand to a much broader audience.
  • Inbound links (backlinks): Should I really explain this point? Okay, you can also get a quality, powerful backlink from your profile bio. The vast majority of sites will allow you to add a link or two in your byline, which usually appears at the bottom of every post.
  • Build an email list: An influx of referral traffic to your website can lead to a growth of your mailing list. If, and only if you can convert that traffic to your regular subscribers.
  • Money, money, money: Some people manage to build an entire business of contributing articles. Solvid (that’s us if you didn’t know) is a good example. We’ve gotten several monthly paying clients just from publishing quality articles on The Next Web, Sitepoint and Lifehack. Yes, we’ve worked our socks off to get there, but it all pays off.

The Dos and Don’ts of guest blogging

Although there are numerous benefits of contributing content and being a guest blogger, you should plan your journey carefully when deciding to utilise this strategy. All great things come with pitfalls.

Let us go over the dos and don’ts of guest blogging.


  • Do read the guidelines: Different blogs have different requirements for contributors and guest bloggers. Some may only accept posts that are less than 600 words; others may only accept articles if you are a known individual in your niche. Hence, always check the guidelines on a case-by-case basis.
  • Do create exceptional content: No reputable blog would accept a poorly written post, especially from a guest blogger. Do your background work, support your claims, provide arguments, check your grammar and spelling mistakes. No one is perfect, but if your article is terrible, it will not get featured. Simple as that.
  • Do show your expertise & experience: Ideally, you would only want to blog on subjects that you have and in-depth knowledge of. So, if you know your niche well enough and have sufficient knowledge of the topic – show it!
  • Do write for the audience: Don’t go wild with SEO jargons if you are writing for a small business blog. The audience would not understand a word. Instead, tailor your content for the audience of that blog.
  • Do create original content: Only write unique content that has never been published on other websites/blogs (even your own). If your post is accepted, you should still avoid republishing that piece.
  • Do find out what works best: Identify what type of content does best on that blog. Is it top-10 lists or in-depth guides? You can evaluate that by the number of shares and comments a post has gained.
  • Do craft a perfect byline: In order to present yourself in an appealing way, you need to write a decent profile bio. Do include your notable achievements and previous contributions.


  • Don’t be spammy: Don’t send mass emails to 100s of blogs at the same time asking for guest posting opportunities.
  • Don’t spin articles: Spinned articles are so damn easy to spot. They are terrible and don’t read well.
  • Don’t use the same article: Avoid posting the same article over and over again. If you are serious about quality guest blogging, you should only post a single piece on a single website.
  • Don’t make guest blogging your only link-building strategy: The primary reason why Matt Cutts has declared a death of guest blogging is due to it being treated as a go-to place for easy links.
  • Don’t post on spammy and low-quality websites: You would want to avoid spammy websites at all cost. Not only they can damage your reputation as a writer, but also get your website in trouble with Google.
  • Don’t stuff your article with links: Editors are picky. It will take them no more than a minute to identify a self-promotional link. Unless it’s necessary to include a link (perhaps you are citing someone), don’t stuff them in. If you wish to have a link back to your website – use the byline.
  • Don’t accept poor guest posts (for blog owners): If you don’t want to look sketchy – don’t be sketchy! Only accept quality guest articles that can potentially bring value to your readers.

How to be the perfect guest blogger?

By the time you read this part, you’ve probably realised that guest posting/contributing isn’t an easy way to gain backlinks. You should be prepared to work your socks off to get published in an authoritative publication.

But, how do you go about creating that “perfect” guest post?

Step 1: Get to know the blog’s content and audience

Identify which content performs best on a particular blog and what type of content gets the most traction. Identify the style of other posts, how well they are written and how detailed the posts are.

Step 2: Read the guidelines

How long should the piece be? There is no point writing a 2,000-word article just to find out that the limit is 1,000 words.

Step 3: Pitch your post

Before you proceed with writing the actual article, it’s worthwhile pitching an idea first to see whether this would be something they would publish.

When pitching, keep your email short (200 words or less), provide multiple headline variations, give a brief description of the article, a quick bio of yourself (what you do, where else have you been published, achievements, etc.) and a few links to example posts.

Here is a great email pitch template by Local SEO Checklist.

Step 4: Draft an article

Make sure your post is formatted according to the style of the blog, including any relevant images (everyone loves images). Usually, blogs would ask you to submit the article in HTML or Markdown format, in which case you should host images on your own website and input the source links.

Step 5: Craft a perfect byline (bio)

If you wish your guest blogging to be successful, the way you present yourself may be the determinant factor. Illustrate your expertise and knowledge of the subject, add a link or two back to your website and add any relevant social networks.

Step 6: Revise

Double or even triple check your article, read it out loud and give it to a friend or a family member to read. Does it flow well, is it coherent, can an ordinary person understand what you’re trying to say?

Step 7: Submit

At this stage, your input is not over yet. An editor may ask you to carry out any necessary amendments.

Glossary of terms & what it all means (just to define every fancy word I used in this post)

As you will notice below, I use some fancy terms and phrases like DA (Domain Authority) & Alexa Rank, which may seem senseless to some of you.

If you ever get overwhelmed by the terms I’ve used in this article, specifically in the tables below, refer to this part.

Website: No need to explain that. That’s just the name of the website.

DA (Domain Authority): A metric introduced by Moz that calculates the strength of the website on a scale from 1-100 (100 being the strongest). The metric is calculated upon the number and quality of inbound links, linking domains, MozRank and MozTrust.

Alexa Rank: The algorithm that is based on the amount of estimated traffic that a particular website gets. The lower the rank is, the more traffic a website gets (i.e. 1 being the most popular website).

Difficulty: This is our metric :). This “algorithm” is based on our own experience, the number of guest posts that we see featured on that website, the level of difficulty to get your article featured on that site, quality standards and the actual review process.

Link: The actual wording used on a blog or the action required to get your article posted on a particular website.

Oh, that was a long introduction.

Let’s see the actual list, shall we?

Business, Finance & General Marketing Webistes/Blogs That Accept Guest Posts and Contributions

Are you a passionate entrepreneur or a small business owner who wants to earn some attention with guest blogging? If so, this list is exactly for you. Not only you can gain an immense amount of knowledge from these sites, but can also contribute your expertise.

The following list consists of websites that cover general business, strategy, finance and general marketing topics. I would suggest not jumping onto Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur and the gang before you secure some guest posts from publications with lower barriers.

WebsiteDAAlexa RankDifficultyLink
Business Insider95292ExtremeContact
Survey Monkey Blog94610HardContribute
Entrepreneur 921,086ExtremeContribute
Fast Company923,960ExtremeContact
Harvard Business Review912,739ExtremeContact
Venture Beat902,886HardGuest Post
Investopedia 87764ExtremeContribute
Small Biz Trends8414,272HardBecome an Author
Seeking Alpha831,888HardContribute
Business 2 Community819,237HardContribute
All Business8034,112ModerateGuest Post
Wise Bread7425,908ModerateContribute
BPlans7310,740HardWrite For Them
Feedster70426,330ModerateWrite For Them
SiteProNews6955,054ModerateGuest Post
Money Saving Mom6650,207ModerateGuest Post
Customer Think6590,204ModerateContribute
Startup Grind6562,916ModerateBecome a Writer
Startup Nation64105,448ModerateContribute
Killer Startups6492,514ModerateGuest Post
Accounting Web6350,559EasyRegister & Post
Training Zone62272,612EasyRegister & Post
My Customer61111,294EasyRegister & Post
My Corporation60170,531ModerateBecome an Author
Business Zone59121,293EasyRegister & Post
Tweak Your Biz5867,256ModerateContribute
HR Zone56160,606EasyRegister & Post
Mirasee53159,848ModerateGuest Post
Inc 425241,644ModerateGuest Post
Women on Business52405,645ModerateWrite For Them
Ecopreneurist51496,180ModerateWrite For Them
Noobpreneur 48250,249ModerateContact
Youngupstars47278,709ModerateGuest Post
E Secret34235,758EasyGuest Post

Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEO & Content Marketing Websites/Blogs That Accept Guest Posts and Contributions

This list is more for those who have an in-depth knowledge and experience in either digital marketing, social media, content marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) or search engine marketing (SEM). The vast majority of these websites/blogs cover all of the digital marketing, some may be more inclined towards technical SEO while others on advanced content marketing. So, make sure you check the content of each website before pitching or applying to contribute.

Again, I would not recommend jumping onto sites like Search Engine Land, Hubspot or Adweek until you get covered by less demanding ones.

WebsiteDAAlexa RankDifficultyLink
GoDaddy Garage97131HardContribute
Outbrain Blog95177HardBecome an Author
Hubspot91535HardGuest Post
Search Engine Land914,256ExtremeContribute
Copy Blogger8922,600HardGuest Post
Search Engine Watch8810,799HardContact
Content Marketing Institute8624,329HardContribute
Social Media Examiner866,276HardWrite For Them
Social Media Today8416,001HardRegister
Marketing Land8419,485ExtremeContribute
Media Post8435,519HardContact
Crazy Egg8419,105HardContribute
Search Engine Journal839,089HardWrite For Them
Search Engine Roundtable8224,321ExtremeSend a Tip
Convince & Convert8046,408HardContribute
Smart Insights8012,224HardContact
SEMRush802,159ModerateRegister & Post
Marketing Profs7926,869HardWrite For Them
Duct Tape Marketing7472,347ModerateGuest Post
Social Media Explorer73138,065HardContact
SEO Chat7124,057HardGuest Post
Advanced Web Ranking6773,210ModerateBecome an Author
Search Engine People6483,969ModerateGuest Post
Social Nomics63230,109ModerateContact
The SEM Post6163,405ModerateWrite For Them
Income Diary5635,916ModerateSubmit Article
Sociable Blog54555,761ModerateGuest Post
Twelve Skip5139,390ModerateWrite For Them
Guerrilla Marketing49149,813ModerateContribute
SEO-Hacker4897,577ModerateGuest Post
ClickFire47811,521ModerateWrite For Them
Social Media Sun43488,836ModerateContribute
PPC.org42661,101ModerateWrite For Them
Daily SEO Blog401,027,440ModerateWrite For Them
Social Media Impact35745,360ModerateWrite For Them
Tricky Enough29313,756ModerateContact
Techniblogic2897,316ModerateRegister & Post
Solvid Blog28687,960ModerateContribute

Blogging, Lifestyle & How-To Websites/Blogs That Accept Guest Posts and Contributions

This list is more diversified than others. They generally cover most topics mentioned in the title, but ensure that you check out every blog on a case-by-case basis. For instance, Lifehack & The Huffington Post are more generalised than others. They cover anything from web development to yoga. Whereas Daily Blog Tips & Shout Me Loud focus on teaching novice bloggers. Hence, it might be worthwhile doing a quick background check before pitching these websites.

WebsiteDAAlexa RankDifficultyLink
The Huffington Post98177ExtremeBlog Pitch
BuzzFeed93184EasyRegister & Post
EHow912,279HardWrite For Them
A List Apart9029,485HardContribute
How Stuff Works881,631HardWrite For Them
Blogher8737,649EasyRegister & Post
Self Growth7727,055ModerateRegister & Post
Daily Blog Tips7578,228ModerateContact
Pick The Brain6753,852ModerateContact
The Blog Herald67174,557ModerateContact
Wonder How To653,745ModerateContribute
Dumb Little Man6556,657ModerateContribute
Tech Wyse61107,125ModerateWrite For Them
Shout Me Loud604,110ModerateContribute
Specky Geek60358,374ModerateWrite For Them
Write To Done5998,284ModerateWrite For Them
The Write Life5849,276ModerateWrite For Them
Kikolani5696,426ModerateGuest Post
Freelance Writing54113,398ModerateWrite For Them
Live Write Thrive54401,584ModerateGuest Blog
Matthew Woodward5150,821HardWrite For Them
Famous Bloggers51145,412ModerateContribute
Blog Engage 5166,474ModerateGuest Blog
Basic Blog Tips51128,991ModerateContact
The Digitel47144,595EasyPost
Blog Dash45204,042ModerateGuest Post
Successful Blogging44173,162ModerateContact
iBlog Zone43375,359ModerateContribute
We Blog Better43376,100ModerateGuest Post
All Blogging Tips4151,762ModerateGuest Post
HellBound Bloggers4153,478ModerateGuest Post
Bloggers Passion4059,762ModerateGuest Post
Intense Blog38275,572ModerateWrite For Them
Career Metis33297,341ModerateWrite For Them

* BuzzFeed – Although there is no editorial review for posting articles on the BuzzFeed’s Community, all posts have “no-index” tags in place. If you wish your post to get featured in the Community category or even on one of the main categories, use the feature “Suggest for Community Feature”.

* WikiHow – Anyone can submit how-to guides & tips to WikiHow, but all of your pieces should be extremelly detailed and comprehensive. Otherwise, the post will not go through the editorial process and will not be available for unregistered users. It is also worth noting that you should not link back to your own website, as editors are very savvy and will take the link down.

Technology, Gadgets & Computer Websites/Blogs That Accept Guest Posts and Contributions

Are you a tech guru or a complete geek? This list is definitely for you. These websites cover anything from general tech news and innovations to in-depth software reviews. So, if you run a tech company or just developed a new software, and you’re confident that it could potentially revolutionise the market of technology, why not reach out to them?

As you can see, there are some very high-profile publications on the list, such as Wired and Tech Crunch that are very picky to what they publish. So, belt up and use your secret gun when pitching these guys.

WebsiteDAAlexa RankDifficultyLink
Tech Crunch 94523ExtremeContribute
ZDNet942,789ExtremeSend a Tip
The Verge93600ExtremeSend a Tip
The Next Web911,960HardContribute
Read Write9022,707HardContact
Tech Republic883,295HardContribute
New Atlas855,283HardContact
GSM Arena83359ExtremeSend a Tip
Opensource7417,033ModerateSubmit Article
Techno Buffalo7312,571HardSubmit a Tip,613ExtremeSend a Tip
Tech Vibes69130,108HardPitch a Story
Addictive Tips6114,235ModerateSend a Tip
I Love Free Software4945,839ModerateWrite For Them
iAM Wire4460,733ModerateGuest Post
Techfor.us43834,196ModerateWrite For Them
Technically Easy41509,485ModerateGuest Post
Geek Estate Blog41497,054ModerateContribute
Tech Walls3471,681ModerateWrite
Martech Today28186,085HardContribute

Web Design, Web Development & WordPress Websites/Blogs That Accept Guest Posts and Contributions

Are you a web developer or perhaps a WordPress enthusiast? This list could suit you well. The vast majority of these sites cover more or less all topics related to web design, coding, web development and WordPress.

But, it’s worth to keep in mind that several websites like Sitepoint and Smashing Magazine are extremely choosy in the content they publish. One of the reasons being the financial compensation they offer for quality articles. That’s cool, isn’t it? You can get the needed exposure and get paid for it! That’s heaven.

WebsiteDAAlexa RankDifficultyLink
* Smashing Magazine903,914ExtremeWrite For Them
Creative Bloq872,482HardContribute
* Sitepoint86981HardContribute
CSS Tricks841,474HardGuest Post
* Codepen83847EasyRegister & Post
Theme Isle8210,930ModerateWrite For Them
Envato Tuts+821,607HardTeach
Dzone794,460HardRegister & Submit
Hongkait792,060HardWrite For Them
Android Central791,499HardSend a Tip
Web Design Depot797,889HardWrite For Them
Six Revisions7843,295ModerateContact
Android Authority741,953HardContribute
Specky Boy7313,156HardSubmit an Article
Web Design Ledger7231,447ModerateContribute
1st Web Designer7117,064ModerateWrite For Them
UX Booth6879,775ModerateContribute
Instant Shift6637,511ModerateBecome an Author
Design Shack6415,061ModerateWrite For Them
WP Tavern6439,222ModerateSend a Tip
Vandelay Design6428,227ModerateWrite For Them
Onextra Pixel6440,854ModerateWrite For Them
WP Lift5761,038ModerateContact
Men With Pens56341,956ModerateGuest Post
Code In WP5622,564ModerateWrite For Them
Designr Fix5455,023ModerateWrite For Them
WP Arena53742,375ModerateSubmit Article
Crazy Leaf Design53300,253ModerateGuest Post
WP Mayor4956,713ModerateContact
Creative Overflow48238,190ModerateContribute
Usability Geek48101,212ModerateWrite For Them
Design Beep4767,598ModerateWrite For Them
Qarea461,199,371ModerateGuest Post
WP Eka42177,044ModerateContact
Skyje41518,746ModerateWrite For Them

* Smashing Magazine – Although it’s incredibly challenging to become an author for Smashing Magazine, they pay writers for articles. You have to have a decent background of writing extremely detailed & comprehensive guides/articles.

* Sitepoint – Similarly to Smashing Magazine, Sitepoint pays contributors at least $150/article. But, your guide/article must be of top-notch quality with a great level of detail.

* Codepen – Although it’s straightforward to get your articles posted on Codepen (just create a profile and start posting), all post’s links are set to “no-follow” (which don’t carry link juice). That said, your article can be promoted, and all links would become “do-follow”.

Picked, Trusted and Tested

This is the list of chosen publications that we’ve personally tested for our business or our client’s businesses. That’s not to say we don’t trust Forbes or Ink or Harvard Business Review, we certainly do! But, it’s an extremely challenging and exhausting process to get featured there. Although we must admit that Forbes is gradually losing its status of being one of the most reliable sources. All of those pop-ups, endless ads and quotes are just too annoying.

WebsiteDAAlexa RankDifficultyLink
Smashing Magazine903,914ExtremeWrite For Them
Small Biz Trends8414,272HardBecome an Author
Business 2 Community819,237HardContribute
All Business8034,112ModerateGuest Post
My Customer61111,294EasyRegister & Post
Business Zone59121,293EasyRegister & Post
Tweak Your Biz5867,256ModerateContribute
Outbrain Blog95177HardBecome an Author
Hongkait792,060HardWrite For Them
Hubspot91535HardGuest Post
Search Engine Land914,256ExtremeContribute
Social Media Examiner866,276HardContribute
Marketing Land9419,485ExtremeContribute
Specky Boy7313,156HardSubmit an Article
Search Engine Journal 839,089HardWrite For Them
SEMRush802,159ModerateRegister & Post
Solvid Blog201,432,132ModerateContribute
The Huffington Post98177ExtremeBlog Pitch
Tech Crunch94523ExtremeContribute
The Next Web911,960HardContribute
Martech Today28186,085HardContribute

What are the other methods to find guest posting opportunities? 

1. Google Search

Google Search persists to be the most popular way to find anything on the web. Same applies to finding blogs to contribute to.

So, begin the process with using advanced query strings. For example, to find out digital marketing websites that are on a lookout for contributors, we’ll use the following string: digital marketing “contribute”

To make the job easier for you, we’ve prepared the list of 10 popular strings:

Your Keyword “contribute”
Your Keyword “guest post”
Your Keyword “write for us”
Your Keyword “become an author”
Your Keyword “guest posting”
Your Keyword “submit post”
Your Keyword “submit article”
Your Keyword “submit an article”
Your Keyword “tip us”
Your Keyword “submit a tip”

All you need to do is to place your keyword.

2. Competitor Backlinks

This strategy can be so powerful if you have the right tools under your belt.

First and foremost, you would either need access to Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs or BuzzSumo. These are one of the best backlink analysis tools available on the market. You can simply input any URL, and the tool will give you the list of backlinks a particular site has.

Not only you can sneak behind the link building scene of any website, but you can also find some great guest posting opportunities. All you need to do is to go through the links and identify the sites that accept guest posts and contributions.

3. Twitter 

Similarly to Google Search, you can use pretty much the same strings to find guest post opportunities on Twitter. When someone is featured on a reputable blog or publication, they will often share the post with their followers. That’s where you can sneak behind. For example, do a Twitter search for a query digital marketing “guest post”, and it will show you the latest tweets that include your keywords.

All you need to do is scan through results by clicking on the links and evaluate which websites accept guest posts.

To Conclude

Although guest posting can be a powerful way to gain traction, build awareness, trust, reputation and links, it’s incredibly important that you stick to the best practices that don’t violate Google’s guidelines.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this huge post. We’ll keep this list updated where possible, and if you notice something weird (perhaps a mistake) feel free to point out.

Sales Pitch Alert ‼️

My team and I are currently preparing a list of 1000+ blogs and websites in over 15 different niches that accept guest posts. The list will be sold on our website for only $29.99. So, if you wish to get notified when the list is out, register your interest below:

1,300 Guest Blogging Websites

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    As an editor and blogger- I receive numerous submissions (about 5-10 a day). My biggest pet peeves is from potential guest bloggers who don’t read the guidelines and they send me articles that are not a good fit.
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    I love how you have also shared a list of sites where I can potentially submit myself as a guest author. I am sure I will be visiting this page over and over again in 2017, as my resolution is to write posts on other websites.

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    I do have a quick question though: you said that the article topic should be unique and not found anywhere else, what are thoughts on rewriting the same idea of a topic that was written on another blog but submitting it to another blog?


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