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Peter Jobes

Definition of eBook

An eBook is a digital book. It is comprised of all the aspects of a paperback book, but it’s all done digitally and is never printed. They’re growing rapidly in popularity, especially with the release of eReaders like the Kindle and Amazon Fire.

Humans like convenience. Everything has to be made compact and portable in this day and age – even the things that were originally designed to be compact and portable cant escape evolution. Step forward the eBook. Where 20 years ago we probably thought that you couldn’t get much more of a convenient read than a good 400 page paperback from your favourite author, we now have the writer’s entire back catalogue available on a single tablet a fraction size – and even with the Holy Grail for bookworms everywhere – the all-important backlight, fitted as standard.

The rise of the eBook has created great niches for businesses looking to provide services for the medium – with Amazon producing its specialised reader in the Kindle, as well as competitors offering app-based compatibility for book readers to download their chosen reads to get stuck into on the go. Significantly, the option to download a book, rather than to own a physical copy that requires production and distribution, has saved money for both readers and sellers alike – with Amazon displaying options to either buy or download a book, the differences in cost can be observed with ease.

While the above example shows a range of options available to shoppers, the price of a download remains the lowest available.

The eBook has become an asset to digital marketers, too. Because written information can be downloaded and read anywhere, some blogs/websites offer their content in a downloadable format – often in the form of a content upgrade to reward loyal visitors for opting into a mailing list. By offering downloadable content, you allow users to learn from your blog, and to remind themselves of your website and services, even if they’re not on your website or online at all.

eBooks are also a valuable asset for eLearning websites, with audiences looking to educate themselves with relative ease, they’re able to download relevant texts on a range of subjects in order to study in their own time. It’s fair to say that digital books have opened a lot of doors to marketers and consumers alike.

Tip: If you’re a webmaster looking to offer incentives for users to sign up to your mailing lists, don’t be afraid to create an eBook to show the readers your levels of expertise in the relevant subjects – a well-constructed content upgrade could be the boost your blog needs.

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