What is: eLearning (Digital Course)


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Definition of eLearning

eLearning is quite simply learning digitally. Imagine any school class, university class, whatever…it’s just like that, but it takes place online instead of in a classroom. Sometimes with a live tutor, sometimes with pre-recorded videos, or even sometimes just written content.

The whole key to it is that it takes place online. Making it massively accessible, even to those without a mass of funds and time behind them. And it’s growing rapidly. Sites like Udemy and Teachables are becoming powerhouses for learning. Let’s hope it continues.

We’re told that continuing in education opens doors. Well, the concept behind eLearning seems to be to open the doors that lead to those open doors. Before the age of the internet and the vast information and practicality of having the largest quantity of knowledge we’ve ever had at our fingertips, further education was a club exclusive to those who had the time to attend classes to study or pay small fortunes to access tuition. But now the game’s changed.

After realising the potential of the internet allowing its users to learn from home, websites have begun developing user-friendly collections of online classes in a bid to bring eLearning to everyone. YouTube has also been key in offering video classes and tutorials, with the Education section of the site holding over 10 million subscribers and individual channels such as Vsauce and TED having 12.5 million and eight million subscribers respectively.

For a relatively small fee, users can pick up a course on Udemy with concentrations in the most esoteric of fields. From learning to ‘master the Rubik’s Cube in four days’, to ‘building sacred relationships that stand the test of time’, all the way through to ‘how to make soap – homemade soap making for beginners.’ With websites like Udemy, it seems that anyone can find their niche.

Digital courses have become a profitable business for people willing to share their wisdom online. By selling your knowledge on Udemy, you can earn a significant income by simply sharing what you know.

eLearning is also a great tool to use in digital marketing and can be utilised as a service that your website provides. Whether it be a free incentive for visitors to sign up to a mailing list or a supplementary eBook of tips and tricks, it could make all the difference in attracting the custom of your audience.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to turn your knowledge into an eLearning incentive for your audience – if your website offers a free content upgrade in the form of a small eBook on a relevant subject, the chances are that visitors will want to gain your insights.

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