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15 Best Online Grammar, Punctuation and Comma Checker Tools

  Peter Jobes Sometimes you need to check your work’s grammar, punctuation and commas in a pinch. You don’t always have the time, resources or willpower to download software, install it, get it all set up and then use it for its intended purpose. It’s not always an...

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10 Ways To Build High-Quality DoFollow Backlinks in 2018

  Peter Jobes Link building is still the underlying foundation of your SEO efforts. While the emphasis has evolved into focusing more on creating amazing content over the link building efforts, it’s still a key detail. For people out there creating some amazing...

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10 Best Backlink Checker Tools To Monitor Backlinks in 2018

  Dmytro Spilka Backlinks are the backbone of successful SEO. The art of having external websites link to your own remains one of the most effective ways of gaining big traffic and in turn, climbing the search engine rankings. Afterall, who will stumble upon your site...

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Why You Need More Than Social Shares To Amplify Content

  Dmytro Spilka A statistics from Hubspot revealed that B2B marketers allocate 28% of their marketing budget to content marketing. However, about 55% of these B2B marketers also admitted that they are not sure of what content marketing success looks like.  Marketers...

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Sticky Content: 5 Crucial Steps To Making It All Happen

  Dmytro Spilka Anyone who works in the field of digital marketing or is interested in attracting a larger client base knows that content is one of the keys to success. Doing content marketing is 62 percent less expensive than carrying out a traditional outbound...

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3 Reasons Why You Should Remaster/Update Your Existing Posts

  Dmytro Spilka It is unlikely that you have an unlimited number of contents to post on your blog if you invest quality time, resources and efforts into them. Besides, no matter the volume of contents at your disposal, you are most likely hoping to put them to the...

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12 Deadly Sins of SEO: Outdated & Dead SEO Strategies

  Dmytro Spilka When attempting to make our presence online, it can be tempting to play some tricks that don’t necessarily sit well with Google and other similar search engines, after all, it worked in the past, right? Well, initially it may well have, and many were...

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The Whys & Hows of Repurposing Content (and where to publish)

  Dmytro Spilka When we hear of SEO, we’re often bombarded with a slew of tips that instruct us to use original and quality content, so you could be forgiven for assuming that repurposing content is just doing the opposite of what Google wants. However, you may be...

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8 Tips and Tricks for an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

  Dmytro Spilka Nowadays, the Internet is something of a honey pot for a slew of information, offers and online forums, but how does an online entity gain traction when first starting out? Many assume that the posting of some generic content will be enough to build a...

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