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20 Must-Use Writing Strategies in 2019 (With Examples)

  Peter Jobes We’re living in an age where everybody is capable of becoming a writer and having their works on display across the world wide web, accessible to billions of potential readersThere’s nothing better than adopting a creative hobby and even turning your...

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10 Best Copywriting Courses To Improve Your Writing in 2019

  Yasmine Dehimi Introduction to copywritingThe creation and distribution of content for the purpose of increasing brand awareness and ultimately to drive people to make a specific action, requires a particularly polished skill set. At first glance, its appears rather...

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4 Scripted Alternatives To Hire Quality Blog & Content Writers

  Peter Jobes Founded in 2011, Scripted is one of the world wide web’s most prominent marketplaces for finding unique content tailor-suited to your business.Scripted was quick to establish itself as a leading resource for users looking to get quality content quickly...

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12 Best Places To Find & Hire Skilled Content Writers in 2019

Yasmita Kumar In a predominantly digital world, the need for a consistent flow of high quality engaging content from a variety of mediums such as blog posts, landing pages, ebooks and interactive digitals need to remain high in order to attract new customers, readers,...

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What Is a Ghostwriter, Where and How To Hire One in 2019

Yasmine Dehimi Being hired as a ghostwriter, flattering? Affirmative. Rewarding? Maybe not. Ghostwriters are writers for hire who are paid to produce the copy but take no credit. The paying author assumes all credit for it. The ghostwriter takes the money as a “work...

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10 Vital Components of Successful Creative Writing in 2019

Yasmine Dehimi Stringing together some order of words in pursuit of telling or retelling a story or information in new and creative ways, requires adherence to some ground rules. Just as important as your final copy, is the process by which that copy comes to be....

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5 Contentmart Alternatives To Hire Content Writers & Editors

  Peter Jobes Last year we said goodbye to Contentmart, an innovative market place that promised to match customers with some of the world’s finest content creators.The logic behind Contentmart’s inception was strong - with hundreds of millions of new internet users...

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15 Things To Consider When Hiring a Content Writer [2019]

  Peter Jobes Today, there are few more effective ways of successfully marketing a product or service to large audiences than through engaging content.Businesses that don’t feature blogs or other platforms in which to post content put themselves at a serious...

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