Blog posts can form the backbone of a successful and engaging website in just about any industry. The content typically addresses your target audience on a level that suits them – whether it’s a conversational tone or a more professional manner.

The beauty of creating blog posts is that they offer a chance for businesses to showcase their expertise on a topic. While this type of content usually consists of around 700 words, there’s plenty of room to dip into complex subjects and create richly detailed guides.

Blog posting makes plenty of practical sense, too. In terms of SEO, the value of organically adding high-quality keywords that can be easily found through the use of Google could be enough for many businesses to take the plunge and develop a blog alone. But there’s also the chance to successfully incorporate a blog post into a functional conversion funnel through the use of internal linking. If a customer’s just spent five minutes reading about how your business can help make their life easier through its service, a well-embedded call-to-action can work wonders at the foot of the piece.

Fundamentally, blogging helps to add value to your business. It shows prospective customers that you’re not just a profit-oriented organisation, but a personable brand that’s intent on sharing knowledge and helping customers.

A typical blog post can take many forms. Common themes include how-to pieces, guides, numbered lists and industry insight.

At Solvid, we pride ourselves on creating only the very highest of quality blog posts, and draw on our team of in-house writers’ collective experience in the industries of journalism, PR, creative and technical writing to ensure we satisfy your content needs every time.

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