Email Copywriting & Newsletters

Great content doesn’t just begin and end within the confines of your website, returning customers and interested parties deserve to be catered to through engaging outreach.

It’s a widespread folly of many businesses that they consider email copywriting and newsletter content as something of an afterthought when it comes to appealing to everyone, yet it’s one of the safest ways of ensuring a regular stream of buyers flow through the pages of your company.

Well crafted newsletters and outreach material can help you to appeal directly to those who matter most – even if they rarely find themselves browsing the pages of your website.

A gentle reminder, or a monthly summary, of your offers can work wonders in drawing a significant number of returning visitors to your website. It’s reasonable to prioritise engaging with existing customers in this way – after all, they’ve already demonstrated their interest by giving up their email address or by making a purchase.

One of the most important facets of good email copywriting is to establish an air of familiarity towards your brand. There’s more than enough spam swashing through the internet, so it’s imperative to avoid industry cliches and address recipients on a more personal level.

Email copywriting and newsletters can take a more conversational and creative tone where appropriate, but as the most important aspect here is to uphold your business values, it’s vital that all text is adaptable and instantly recognisable.

Here at Solvid, we’re well aware of the importance behind effective email marketing. Let us pick up the slack and utilise our in-house team’s rich experience in PR and marketing to produce the quality of content that will not only drive conversions but win back existing customers.

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