Ghostwriting Services

If your business is expanding at a faster rate than anticipated, or you’ve found that you no longer have the time to contribute to your blog, then it could be time to hire a ghostwriter.

Ghostwriting is a very effective form of producing content through a literary surrogate. Essentially, somebody else is tasked with writing content that will ultimately be published in your name – or the name of your business.

The best thing about ghostwriting is that it helps to build further trust in your brand by showcasing your name on the standfirst. Readers will automatically recognise the content as your own work and associate it with your industry expertise.

Ghostwriting is typically used by businesses that just don’t have the time to publish their own content consistently, and is common practise when it comes to commissioning larger texts. The tone of ghostwritten pieces is typically more formal than, say, a blog post and longer in form – but this isn’t always the case.

This type of content is also a common solution for people who feel that they have an exciting story to tell, but would rather leave the task of writing it up to professionals.

Solvid prides itself on picking up the dirty work of producing content of varying lengths on your behalf without the need for any credit when the piece goes to publication. If you ever need a little helping hand behind the scenes of your business blog, remember our door is always open!

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