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We’re living at a time when Google stands as the undisputed monarch of the World Wide Web. Every ambitious website owner is well aware that the biggest challenge they face is the battle to get their pages ranked as highly as possible within Google’s search engine results pages.

However, the fundamental function of Google is to provide answers to a lot of peoples’ questions. An awful lot of people. 1.17 billion people, in fact. If masses of users are looking for answers, arguably the best form your content can take in answering them is through the publication of guides and tutorials.

There are few better ways of helping people find the answers they’re looking for than through well-written and clear to understand guides. Google’s well aware of this, and as a result, ‘how to’ pieces and instructional lists have a habit of being placed in favourable positions among its results pages – thus stirring more exposure for your website and brand.

The format that guides and tutorials take is considerably more simplistic than the more conversational blog posts and long-form articles that are commonplace online. It’s vital to be clear and to make no assumptions all whilst avoiding the error of patronising your readership.

A successful guide or tutorial will successfully address a common problem or recurring complex scenario and steer the reader all the way to a satisfactory conclusion.

Since our formation, Solvid has published 100,000s of words worth of guides and tutorials for a range of prominent clients. Our dedicated in-house team operates with SEO at the forefront of our collective minds, so that all of our content is well positioned to rank prominently among the results pages of Google.

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