Healthcare & Medical Copywriting

We pride ourselves on standing in a position of some authority when it comes to medical copywriting here at Solvid. Our in-house team has a wealth of formative experience within the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries and are well trained in the fields of GCP and clinical trials.

At Solvid, we’re well aware of how important it is to get things right when it comes to medical copywriting. Content needs to be clear, concise and devoid of any vague statements.

It’s vital that medical organisations are perceived to be considerate, knowledgeable and informative in their content-based output – which can sometimes be difficult for professionals to make time for while immersed into such a demanding industry. Let Solvid pick up the slack and produce copy on your behalf that’s designed to entertain, educate and inform your audiences long into the future.

All of our copywriting services are designed to keep Search Engine Optimisation at the forefront of our minds throughout. Solvid’s dedicated team of skilled writers have access to industry-leading keyword recognition tools that ensures our content will rank highly within Google’s results pages – ensuring higher levels of exposure for your organisation.

When it comes to content, our output is thoroughly researched and we offer a competitive turnaround time of around 3-4 days for a 1,000-word piece. Solvid understands the importance of getting things right the first time, but on the off-chance that you’re not 100% satisfied with our content first time around, we offer unlimited edit requests for peace of mind.

Note: Solvid is not qualified to give medical or healthcare advice. As copywriters, we do not and can not give medical advice. All content is crafted following clear instructions by a competent body. 

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