Long-Form Content Creation

Sometimes it’s not enough to create a conversational blog post about a complex topic. Long-form content creation is a valuable part of copywriting that’s often rewarded with better search engine rankings and higher volumes of traffic to boot.

Arguably the most effective way to get your pages ranked on Google is by producing long-form content. Here, complex issues can be explored in a way that the much more widespread short and sweet blog posts of rival businesses can’t compete with. Through larger passages of text, there’s greater opportunity for SEO infused keywording to help content reach the front pages of Google more efficiently, too.

Long-form content works wonders in adding value to your business by delving into topics to a much deeper extent. They act as an ideal platform in which to showcase your industry expertise and the higher quality of information can keep drawing traffic long into the future.

Typically, long-form content is much more formal in tone, but the language of the piece can be adapted to fit a business’ brand effectively. Fundamentally, this type of text is an excellent way of keeping in tune with a company’s values – which can be conveyed through the varied writing styles at play.

This particular approach to content creation is ideal for businesses that operate in unconventional, complex, or topical industries in which people are continually on the hunt for more information and insight.

Long-form content doesn’t have to be an arduous process. At Solvid, our dedicated team of in-house writers are on-hand to delve into the deepest of subject areas in order to craft the very best extended copy so you don’t have to. Our staff hail from rich backgrounds in journalism, PR, creative and technical copywriting, and continually put our skills to use in creating extended pieces of written work for our client base.

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