Metadata Copywriting

Content may be king, but there would be very little to rule over if it wasn’t for metadata. Essentially, metadata helps to categorise content and make it discoverable and accurate for search engine categorisation.

Examples of the jobs that metadata does can extend as far as tagging and categorising content, as well as ensuring that it reads well as a snippet on search engine results pages.

The importance of getting metadata right can be found in the necessity of providing accurate information to accompany your content. If a piece is incorrectly categorised online, you could be losing valuable exposure from 90% of your target audience. Likewise, if the publication date is incorrectly listed, then the text could effectively become invisible on your own pages.

Metadata ensures that everything is ticking over smoothly under the bonnet of your content, and like in the world of motoring, there are few margins for error or malfunctions.  

Ensuring that your metadata is all in-check can be a tricky process. But you don’t have to suffer the loss of staff working hours in keeping your content optimised. At Solvid, we pride ourselves on utilising the very best of SEO practices both in the content we create and our on-page SEO to guarantee that our output remains top-notch both externally and under-the-bonnet.

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