All great content is designed to maximise your exposure opportunities, whether it’s through effective SEO or engaging prose. However, there are few examples of content in the industry that can be as powerful as a well-crafted press release.

Media professionals holding powerful positions can expect to receive dozens of press releases on a daily basis from organisations eager to gain widespread exposure for a new product, service, or announcement. It’s imperative that a press release is extremely well-written, punchy, and entertaining – otherwise, there’s a very real danger that it could end up in an editor’s waste bin.

It’s important to note that press releases have many more purposes than just to gain some attention among an assortment of news outlets. A good press release has the power to give your business a much more professional appearance to the masses – whether the reader is a customer, client, applicant or just about any other stakeholder.

By utilising press releases to share on your business’ social channels, you’re undergoing an effective form of marketing where your announcement could garner a significant level of shares, retweets, comments and references.

Press releases typically take a more punchy, attention-grabbing form that’s designed to help your announcement to stand out from the crowd and create a lasting impression to the reader. It’s vital that the language is clear, formal, and leaves no air of uncertainty in its wake.

Our in-house team at Solvid boasts strong backgrounds in the industries of journalism and PR, and as an organisation, we’ve had the pleasure of crafting high-quality press releases since our initial formation. Let Solvid go to the trouble of crafting eye-catching press releases so you don’t have to.

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