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Over 2.7 billion people are estimated to be active users of social media worldwide. That’s an awfully big market to tap into as a business.

Just a decade ago very few businesses were aware of the power social media held in reaching target audiences. Today there are plenty of cases of companies that have thrived primarily through creating valuable content that’s optimised to go viral worldwide.

The chances are that virtually all of your digital customer base uses a social platform in some capacity. It’s also likely that if they enjoyed your product, some of their friends might do too. If you can successfully appeal to customers through the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there’s every opportunity to repurpose your content or share it among their followers – thus exposing your brand to a fresh market for free.

Social media has opened the door for businesses to connect to its customers and stakeholders on a human level. As such, the tone needs to recreate the feeling that your brand is merely another friend online to interact with. A significantly more conversational approach in this regard can work wonders for your business, though it’s important to note that as social media add unprecedented levels of personality to your brand, it’s best to ensure said personality is consistent with the image that you’re looking to project.

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