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Definition of Editorial Calendar

In the world of blogging, an editorial calendar is often regarded synonymously with a content calendar. However, there are a few small but notable differences.

It’s generally accepted that whilst content calendars are more nuanced in the day-to-day running of a blog or website’s content, editorial calendars take a more long-term approach. An editorial calendar aims to highlight the strategies and themes of a publication over a longer period of time, which helps form both ideas for content and informs strategic opportunities for advertising.


Here we can see how magazines use editorial calendars. BioProcess, a biology-based online magazine, has divided their issues into months with certain focuses while leaving spaces for new ideas and stories to be added as the year progresses. We can see how far-reaching an effective editorial calendar is, too. With every avenue of the company covered, from newsletters and eBooks to web chats and events. The calendar helps workers across the business prioritise their focus to deliver a consistent monthly publication.

It’s important to keep schedules around your blog. If you appear unorganised in publishing your content or marketing campaigns, then your target audience will pick up on it. Anything from erratic uploading times of articles to rushed or unfocused marketing newsletters runs the risk of putting off readers who want to know that they’ll be able to log in to see fresh posts regularly.

If you’re looking to get started in using editorial calendars to organise your blog, there are plenty of websites that are able to help you out. coschedule.com offers a reputable free service with tailor suited templates and functions to cater for your needs, while there are plenty of free calendar templates that allow you to get used to the format without having to spend money for the privilege. Coschedule.com also has a free template service, and contentmarketinginstitute.com lets you choose from a selection of layouts.

Tip: Editorial calendars are especially important when working in a team that produces content through multiple channels. Having a strong template to work with allows you and your colleagues to clearly address their workload whilst not treading on each others’ toes.

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