8 Simple Ways To Increase Your Twitter Following & Engagement


Dmytro Spilka

As you may know already, social media has become an essential tool for building brand awareness, developing a better customer base, and promoting your products and services.

In the past decade, Twitter has established itself as one of the most important social media platforms for businesses. It is a very effective tool for promoting products, communicating with customers, increasing brand awareness, generating sales leads and much more.

For your business Twitter account to be truly effective, it must have a large number of followers & high engagement rate. This will help your tweets to reach more users and be shared more often — an important part of any social media account.

This article will reveal 8 simple ways that you can use to increase your Twitter following & increase engagement. These tactics are easy to implement and will help your business succeed in the online space!

#1 — Keep Your Twitter Account Active

Twitter users prefer to follow accounts that are regularly tweeting useful and relevant content. That content can come in a variety of forms, including infographics, retweets from experts, links to useful articles, commentary on current events, and short videos.

Regularly engage with other users, replying to their tweets and helping them to learn more about your business. You can use a scheduling app like Hootsuite or SproutSocial to schedule Tweets and keep your account active.

Your business should also follow other Twitter users as it increases the likelihood that they will follow you back. You can use a Twitter app called Twiends or Followerwonk to find new potential followers who might be interested in subjects related to your business.

#2 — Become a Source Of Useful Information

Content is king when it comes to social media! If your business is generating unique content that is useful, interesting and engaging, the number of Twitter followers that your business has will rapidly grow.

Create original videos, blog articles, reviews, white papers, surveys, reports, and run polls. Publish links to that content via your Twitter feed — using the relevant hashtags. Don’t be afraid to ask your followers to retweet your content and always try to include an image in your tweets to make followers more likely to retweet. Twitter users will share your valuable content with their followers, enticing those users to follow your account.

#3 — Provide Support Via Twitter

Twitter users love it when they can send a business a tweet and receive a useful reply. Constantly monitor your Twitter account and reply to users who have contacted you with questions or support requests. In other words, don’t be passive.

In many cases, customers who receive useful support via Twitter are so happy that they will broadcast their useful interaction to their followers — which is essentially free advertising for your business. Unless your response contains sensitive information, reply publicly to users, by simply mentioning their @username.

Don’t be afraid to engage with unsatisfied customers via Twitter. If you notice a Tweet suggesting that your product or service was sub par, immediately contact them and attempt to rectify the issue. Other users will see the exchange and be impressed by your commitment to customer service. Customers who receive adequate support in this way, often become fiercely loyal to your brand.

#4 — Monitor Discussions About Your Business & Brand

You can identify users who are interested in your business by monitoring specific Twitter tags and keywords. You can use a Twitter app like Social Mention to follow specific terms including your business name, product names, and your competitor’s names. The Twitter users who are talking about your business or products can easily be converted into Twitter followers and loyal customers.

#5 — Make Twitter an Intrinsic Part Of Your Business Marketing Campaigns

The details of your Twitter account should be included on all of your businesses marketing materials, including website, business cards, signs, advertisements, and other promotional materials. You may also want to embed your Twitter feed into your website, as well as other social media accounts. Use follow Twitter buttons on our email newsletters, website, Facebook account and other social media networks. Sharing the details of your Twitter account will allow you to cast a wider net and attract more followers.

#6 — Identify Social Influencers

Social influencers are Twitter users who have thousands or millions of followers. The content they post can influence a huge number of people. Attempt to identify the social influencers in your industry and open a dialogue with them. Send them content you think they will find interesting and specifically mention their @username in your tweets. Re-share the content that they produce. If they decide to re-share your content, it could bring in hundreds of new followers immediately.

A tool like Followerwonk allows you to identify influencers by searching keywords in their profiles.

#7 — Focus On Marketing Connections, Not Customers

Instead of viewing Twitter as a marketing tool, think of it as a way to make new connections with real people. Continually reach out to other business, participate in discussions, mention specific users, and become a part of the Twitter community. If you publish low-quality content that could easily be confused with advertising, you won’t attract many followers.

By opening up a dialogue with different people, you will build strong relationships and eventually attract customers who are loyal to your brand. The number of Twitter followers that your business has will quickly increase! Try to remember the social component of social media.

#8 – Don’t Underestimate Twitter Ads

Twitter offers an advertising platform that allows you to create sponsored posts to target specific groups of people.

Moreover, Twitter gives the option to target users who follow particular accounts. For example, let’s say you’ve just created a huge post featuring best tools for Marketers to boost their productivity. When creating a campaign, you might want to target users who are related to Marketing & Business. Hence, by selecting publications like Forbes, Inc and Entrepreneur will allow you to target people who follow these accounts and have an interest in Business and Marketing.

Twitter gives the option to create different types of campaigns, targeting different actions. These include:

  • Website Clicks & Conversions
  • App installs and re-engagement
  • Tweet Engagement
  • Video Views
  • Brand and Post Awareness
  • Followers
  • Leads

To Conclude

It takes time, hard work and commitment building a base of loyal followers on any social platform. Make sure that you provide users with a stream of relevant, useful and quality content, and follow these extra tips to maximise the effectiveness of your social media marketing.

Dmytro Spilka

Head Wizard

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