Copywriting For Charities, Non-Profits & Government

At Solvid, we understand that non-profit organisations face a unique challenge in the SEO landscape. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and those looking to give back to society deserve to be rightfully recognised. That’s why qualifying charities, nonprofits and governmental organisations can enjoy a 30% discount when using any of our services.

Reaching out to audiences can supremely difficult, even for wealthy corporations. It’s tricky to appeal to the right audiences and gain prominence when you don’t have bolstered marketing budgets or diverse revenue streams.

Let Solvid do the hard work for you with our team of dedicated in-house writers. Our team is richly experienced in the fields of journalism, PR, creative and technical writing alike, and we would be delighted to help contribute to worthwhile causes at a cut-price rate.

All of the content we produce is done so with a keen emphasis on Search Engine Optimisation, and Solvid uses only the finest in keyword identification tools to ensure that we’re not only appealing to the right audiences, but reaching them with an air of efficiency too. It’s vital for non-profit organisations to organically build exposure to their target markets, and we pride ourselves on producing copy that ranks as highly as possible among the results pages of Google.

All of the work we produced is extensively researched before we commit pen to paper, so to speak. But despite our thorough production process, Solvid upholds an approximate turnaround time of around 3-4 days per 1,000-words produced – an industry beating timeframe.

We’re also so confident that you’ll like our finished articles that we offer unlimited edits on all of the copy we produce. So on the off-chance that you don’t immediately love our work, we’ll go straight back to the drawing board.

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