Entertainment (Gaming, Movies & Music) Copywriting

Over the years at Solvid, our team has had the pleasure of seeing our entertainment content pieces featured on the pages of esteemed publications like VentureBeat, TechRadar, PopSugar and HuffPost among other high-quality outlets.

We pride ourselves on continually producing entertainment copy that’s not only informative, entertaining and engaging, but also content that has the power to really bring added value to your brand and build interest within untouched audiences.

At Solvid, we’re blessed with a dedicated in-house team that boasts extensive experience within the fields of journalism, PR, creative and technical copywriting, and all of our content is produced with SEO at the forefront of our minds. We only use the finest of keyword identification tools available to locate the very best areas in which to get your business noticed. Here, we know the value of finding the right level of exposure, and all of our work is crafted with the primary aim of ranking as prominently as possible within the results pages of Google.

Every piece of content that we produce is done so after extensive research within your industry and chosen subject areas. Despite committing ourselves to creating well-thought-out content, our standard turnaround time stands at around 3-4 days for a typical 1,000-word piece. We even offer free unlimited edits with all of our copywriting jobs – just on the off-chance that you don’t immediately love our output.

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