As a legal firm, you’ll no doubt be well aware of the importance of getting your content right, with no room for error or uncertainty. Customers are always searching for free legal advice before hiring a lawyer, so why not be the first one to gain the trust of a potential client?

It’s imperative for legal copy to showcase a firm’s knowledge of their industry in an engaging and entertaining manner. The work must be nuanced where appropriate, but overall an enjoyable and interest-building read for audiences.

At Solvid, we can help produce content for law firms and solo practitioners. We have had the pleasure of seeing delicately crafted content surrounding the industry placed on the pages of Entrepreneur among other esteemed publications.

Such a dynamic and fast-paced industry demands up to date and relevant content, and our team of dedicated in-house writers habitually draw on our experience in journalistic, PR and technical writing backgrounds to ensure that all of our content is fully fit for purpose.

When it comes to copywriting, we make sure that every piece of output has been constructed in order to gain prominence on the results pages of Google, and regularly draw on our keywording prowess to help strategise our approach.

Our copywriting services typically offer a competitive 3-4 day turnaround time for a 1,000-word piece of content. At Solvid, we’re passionate about ensuring that all of our articles exceed your expectations at the first time of asking – however, on the off-chance that you don’t love our content straight away, we offer unlimited edits in order to get things right with minimal fuss.

Note: Solvid is not a law firm. As copywriters, we do not and can not give legal advice. All content is crafted following clear instructions by a competent body. 

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