Sports, Fitness & Health Copywriting

Appeal to the far-reaching sports, fitness and health industries through engaging and appealing copy. We live at a time were fitness and health is increasingly at the forefront of peoples’ minds and the markets surrounding the concentrations are expanding exponentially.

As a business focussing on sports, fitness or health, it’s imperative that you find new audiences with competent copy that can build unprecedented levels of trust in your organisation’s branding. In such competitive industries, copywriting can help you to stand head and shoulders above competitors.

At Solvid, we have a skilled team of in-house writers who are richly experienced in sports content as well as broader journalism, PR, creative and technical writing. All of our output is optimised for SEO purposes ensuring that your pieces rank as highly as possible on the results pages of Google. Our leading set of keyword identification tools helps to ensure that your target audiences are capable of finding your company without fail.

Let Solvid skyrocket your sports, fitness or health organisation’s visibility online. Our industry-beating 3-4 day average turnaround time for a 1,000-word article ensures that you’ll begin driving traffic onto your pages in as swiftly as possible.

We’re also committed to offering unlimited edits for our work free of charge – such is our confidence that you’ll be happy with your final product. For further quotations, feel free to use our helpful on-page order calculator to find an offer that suits you.

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