Travel Copywriting

As the world gets smaller, its travel needs an increase. Reach out to more customers more efficiently through engaging travel copywriting.

Producing quality content centred around the travel industry is a particularly challenging task due to the necessity of entertaining and enticing your audience. Let Solvid address your needs by calling on our team of skilled in-house writers hailing from creative and journalistic backgrounds to build great articles and on-site texts.

Whether you’re a travel organisation looking for some marketing-based blog posts, or a hotel comparison site aiming to showcase rich descriptions to accompany your results pages, Solvid has been working on producing rich content for the industry since its formation.

We know the importance of appealing to large audiences, and all of our work is crafted with SEO at the forefront of our minds. Solvid uses only the very best in keyword identification tools to ensure that our content ranks as prominently as possible on the results pages of Google.

All copywriting work is undertaken with a prospective turnover time of around 3-4 days for a 1,000-word piece. We’re also committed to ensuring that you love our output, and are confident enough in our final product that we offer unlimited free edits – on the off-chance that you’re not 100% satisfied the first time.

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