What is: Business-To-Customer (B2C)?


Peter Jobes

Definition of B2C (Business-To-Customer)

Similarly to B2B (Business To Business), B2C is also an acronym. It stands for “business to consumer.” B2C businesses focus entirely around catering to the end-user that consumes their product (i.e. selling the product directly to the individual). Prime examples of B2C interactions are any kind of highstreet interactions or products that are aimed at individual customers. Business-to-customer is one of the most popular sales models, which is commonly used in the following industries:

  • Apparel – Clothing, shoes and accessories
  • Restaurants & Bars – Food services and dining
  • Retail – Shops, home furniture, etc.
  • Food & Beverages – Supermarkets, coffee shops, etc.
  • Auto & Transportation – Cars, plane & train tickets
  • Consumer Electronics – Smartphones, personal computers and gadgets
  • E-Commerce – For example, online shopping on Amazon & eBay

Tip: Similarly to B2B, it’s important to realise the massive distinction between B2B & B2C marketing. One should carefully analyse who the target market is and carefully plan any marketing activities going forward.

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