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Definition of Copyblogger

Copyblogger is one of the leading resources on digital marketing in regards to blogging. They’re so popular, in fact, that rarely do blogging conversations occur without a mention of them once or twice. That’s why they’re listed here!

Founded in 2006 by Brian Clark, Copyblogger has become one of the great success stories in Content Marketing. Clark’s simple approach of creating content that addresses his audience’s concerns and questions about marketing digitally has become encyclopaedic in knowledge and today stands as the go-to place for information about producing content online. The success of Copyblogger is such that it helps earn its parent company, Rainmaker Digital, over $12 million each year.

Clark told Forbes earlier this year that the key to his success, as is the recipe for many successful blogs, is to obsess over satisfying his audience. Elaborating on why his idea for a website succeeded, he said: “I didn’t really plan out the business. I built the audience at Copyblogger with the faith and understanding that I would identify problems and desires they have, and then I’d figure out what to make in order to satisfy those problems and desires.”


Copyblogger is a great example of an online success story, but why is it so significant? Well, the pioneering insights that the website offers has become instrumental in developing successful marketing sites across the web. In the brave new world of content marketing, Copyblogger was there to guide us through the processes that made for an effective website. To this day, the information on the site helps many burgeoning blogs to develop into a thriving business.

Tip: Copyblogger still has some quality tips and tricks to make your blog a success online. If you have a niche question that can’t be answered elsewhere online, the chances are that the issue’s been tackled at some point in the site’s 11-year history.

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