5 TextBroker Alternatives For Content & Article Writing Service

By Dmytro Spilka

Mar 8, 2019

Delegating the task of creating content, outside of the company, has become a popular choice for clients and companies who want to save time and pay for quality and professional material. The demand for custom content has left the web with an overabundance of copywriting services.

This ‘content marketplace’ has generated an array of different services. The need to merely create quality content alone, has been surpassed by the provision of customised writing, editing, publishing and SEO optimising.

TextBroker is renown for its rating systems, and a wide range of accessible writers from which clients can choose. Further, you can decide to work with the “Self-Service” option from TextBroker which allows you to pick a writer to which you delegate work. Alternatively, the company also offer “Managed Services”, whereby TextBroker will take over the administration of your project.

Self-service prices at TextBroker depend on the level of writer. Starting at €1.3 cents per word, and €6.5 cents per word for a 5-star writer. Generally, for a high-quality 1,000-word piece, you can expect to pay € 65.35.

The pricing system based on the level of quality or expertise of the writer, cannot guarantee high-quality content all of the time. Accordingly, it might seem more appropriate to use TextBroker if you are looking for the bare bones of a piece of content, of which you plan to exercise rigid quality control in-house before publishing.

If you venture out slightly, you may find alternative providers that offer services more compatible with your client needs. The concerns over the quality of content have been rectified by several factors prompted by the overabundance of services. These include but are not limited to, flexibility of service, experienced and competent writers, search optimised content; all at a fast turn around.

There’re many more providers of quality content, and here are five alternatives to TextBroker which may shed light on what you can achieve elsewhere.

1. Solvid

Solvid Copywriting

We had to include ourselves on top of this list. At the end of the day, we’re here to earn that penny 🙂 And, we truly think we’re your best option.

Of the SEO, copywriting and content marketing services provided by Solvid, our focus on creating and distributing quality and compelling content comes first and foremost. After all, the success of SEO, copywriting and content marketing all depend heavily on the quality of content. Copy for various purposes including, blog posts, articles, guides, white papers, press releases and web pages, are each infused with in-depth research, audience analysis and extensive preparation.

It would be difficult to imagine a company that did not identify with at least one of the industries that we specialise in. Our broad range of competencies mean that we can cater for most if not all company content related needs.

The cost of Solvid’s copywriting services differ and depend upon the word-count of the piece you want to create. At £0.15 per word, a 500-word piece sits at £75 (perfect for social media marketing or website landing pages). A slightly lengthier 1,000-word piece at £150. For a 300 word piece of content, £450. Solvid’s word-count goes up to 30,000 words. Typically, a 1500-3000 word blog post or website article possesses the capacity to write informatively and engagingly whilst also ensuring the SEO of the content is intact.

When it comes to SEO, traffic and conversions, all content produced at Solvid is created with SEO in mind. Here are a few ways we ensure content is SEO ready.

  • Keyword Research – we carry out extensive keyword research to understand what phrases people use when searching for a specific type of article. We also evaluate keyword difficulty and search volume. 
  • Images – we add relevant images and graphs to the content. Articles with at least one relevant image rank better than those that don’t. 

Content with at least 1 image

  • On-Page optimised – the content is done with search engines in mind. This means that we’ll use semantic keywords to enable the article to target other similar keywords. 
  • Linking to relevant sources – we link out to credible and relevant sources

Upon sourcing your content from Solvid, you may wish to utilise our unlimited revisions service. Having your content created by someone outside of your company can be daunting. Your copy will be amended, edited and proofread again and again, if you so wish. This is promised to be achieved in an industry beating turnaround time of 3-4 days for a single 1,000-word piece.

If you lack the time or expertise to decide the type or topic of the content you wish to create, we will do that for you. An in-depth analysis of your company and your target audience will give us the information we need to generate engaging and relevant content.

If you have a WordPress website, we can even publish the content for you free of charge. 

2. Copify


Copify helps to source quality content from a network of approved writers. The site quickly identifies the most compatible writer for your brief. The hundreds of experienced and approved writers on hand at Copify provide clients with extra certainty that the quality of the content will be of a high standard. This security, combined with their promise to fully format and proofread each piece, makes for an attractive source of content for your business.

Copify accommodates a variety of content needs. According to the clients brief, a writer will be assigned to work on one of the following:

  • Website content
  • Blog posts
  • E-commerce content
  • Email copy
  • Articles
  • Press releases

When you place an order, you select the type of content you need, brief your requirements, note which keywords to include along with anything else you want the writer to know, then submit. Copify aims for its turnaround time to be 48 hours. This is expected given the sheer volume of freelance writers.

Writers at Copify are all native English language speakers and must undergo some form of testing to be approved to join the team of freelance workers. This differentiating characteristic of Copify’s workforce means by outsourcing your content writing to Copify content writers, you can expect them to be able to have a firm understanding of your business goals.

Copify’s pricing model is based on cost per word. A choice of the level of the writer is available for you to make. “Standard” copy costs £0.03 a word, and “professional” copy  £0.05 per word. At these rates, you can expect to pay £15 and £25 respectively for a 500-word piece of content.

With Copify, you can order content on a one-off basis or in bulk and request changes to your order before accepting the work. Despite less of an emphasis being placed on SEO, a lot of the work on Copify focuses on product descriptions or short web copy. If you are in need of a shorter piece of content, rest assured, one of Copify writers will produce what you need.

Retaining your content writer for the future may be problematic. There is no guarantee that you will be put back in contact with the same writer you had before. Even if you do have their direct contact details, there is still a chance the writer will be unavailable when you need them. Changing content writers too often, can be problematic for your ‘company voice’. Copify is a perfectly suitable option for a company that does not blog often, and requires less frequent content.

3. iWriter


With over 31,000 writers currently on iWriter and 7,514,720 articles written to date, it would appear to be the go-to place for your company content. The 5-step process by iWriter works is simple to navigate as follows; register for a free account, request they type of content you want, receive your content, review and accept it, and download it.

Upon requesting the type of content you need, you will have the option to choose from four tiers of writing.

  • Standard article
  • Premium article
  • Elite article
  • Elite Plus article

Over 31,000 writers translates into there being a constant supply of writers waiting to write. You could potentially have an article in a few hours. Of course, this depends on the kind of instructions you give. Expect a longer turnaround period for complex and lengthy articles. The sheer volume of writers on iWriter also infers that not every writer will have good SEO knowledge. This can be problematic and pose risks to the performance of your content.

You should take advantage of the fact that you can only promote your articles to elite writers if you want, and be sure to indicate the necessity of writing with SEO in mind. Elite writers will send you two formats of your article. One in plain text and one with spin tags.

If you do find a writer you are happy with on iWriter, pick them as your “favourite writers” so you get the same quality again and again. This will effectively maintain your company voice and will save you a lot of time in the long run.

It is cheap to buy an article on iWriter. A ‘standard’ article of 500 words will cost you $3.30. An ‘elite’ article of 1,000 words will cost $20.25. Whether or not this is a clear case of ‘quantity over quality’ is down to the client. Ultimately, the importance of high-quality content warrants forking out more than $8 for a 1,000-word article.

For cheap and relatively easy to access content, iWriter is perfect for those businesses that depend less on content for their marketing strategies – which these days, unfortunately, is none.

4. Constant Content

Constant Content

This content provider truly deserves its name, given that it has over 100,000 writers and has served over 50,000 businesses. Its provision of content really is constant. This writing service allows you to easily order content online by connecting you with freelance writers.

Unlike most content writing services, Constant Content has ready-made content on demand. This marketplace for content allows the direct transaction between writers and clients. There are over 100,000 pre-written articles available to purchase and download instantly. A blogger or business owner, looking for content, will have free run of this site. Content is categorised, and to simplify the process further is the searchable keyword function. If you are interested in a piece, click to view a preview, and the pricing.

There is no standard set price by Constant Content. Writers are free to set their own prices, and change them at any time. Generally, higher priced content will be written by a writer with more experience. That’s not to say that all low priced content is poor-quality. That’s what the preview function is for – to determine if the content is compatible with your needs.

Further, you may find a choice of three prices to pay for a single article. Each will determine your rights to the piece.

  • Usage Rights – Major SEO mistake. May be the least expensive. They are non-exclusive. Anyone at anytime can buy a post for its usage rights – and gain the rights to use this content.  
  • Unique Rights – Mid tier pricing. Whilst less common, this gives you the right to content publication as it is. All you can change is fonts, formatting and the addition of links.
  • Full Rights – The highest price you may pay for content. Full rights give you total control over the content. It becomes yours and is taken off the platform.

Sourcing your content from Constant Content may well provide your business with an instant copy of which you can purchase the full rights. Ideal for companies who lack the time and expertise to create content in-house.

5. UpWork


This third party platform provides an interface between clients and freelancers. Essentially, you post a projects including the details of the content you want to create, and freelancers come to you. Use Upwork to chat or video call with your writer, share files and track project milestones.

Writing styles across this platform vary tremendously, and skills range from SEO specialised writing to songwriting. Some of Upworks most indemand pros include:

  • Blog and article writing
  • Web content writing
  • Technical writing
  • Creative writing
  • Editing

Every writing angle seems to be covered here. Upwork will instantly match you with the right freelancer for your project. Alternatively, upgrade to UpWork Pro for premium freelancers curated by UpWork. You will also be able to use the browsing function to find highest-rated writers and editors.

As for the cost of hiring freelancers here, each will respond to your project proposal with their own costs. UpWorks costs are covered by collecting a 2.7% fee from your freelancer. Generally, you will pay per hour. This can range from $30 to $150 per hour.

If you require more assistance, you can choose to pay for an additional service. Upgrading to ‘Pro’ or ‘Enterprise’ will give you access to a more advanced content marketplace.

UpWork Pro:

  • Premium freelancers
  • Job post and talent search assistance
  • Ability to pre-fund account

UpWork Enterprise:

  • Consolidated invoice and billing
  • Custom portal and contract management
  • Worker classification and compliance services
  • Custom reporting
  • Dedicated account management

UpWork is most suited to those who require instant articles that convey a message or company ideal. However, remember you are not paying per word, so should specify how long you need the article to be.

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