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What Does a Comprehensive SEO Audit Have to Include?

  Peter Jobes SEO is something that most companies prefer to acknowledge in a roundabout fashion. They take it into account when creating content or designs, but otherwise consider it a second-string priority. To some extent, this is because so many things factor into...

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Top 7 Traffic Estimator Tools for Competitor Research

  Peter Jobes Traffic estimator tools have become an essential part of the digital marketing toolkit. They allow you to benchmark your traffic and marketing strategy against competitors, as well as see what you can aim for when looking to market leaders. As competitor...

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How to Start a Blog with $10 in Your Pocket

  Peter Jobes You’ve got something to say. Whether it’s about what your business is doing, what you’re planning to do or simply review some of the things you’ve been through/used. There’s something you want to share with people that you feel would benefit them. But…...

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10 Best Blogging Platforms and Website Builders For Beginners

  Peter Jobes Are you looking to start blogging? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been doing this a while and we know that it can be tough to find, and choose, the right blogging platform so that you can get started. In this post, we’ll take a look at 10 of...

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15 Best Business Name Generator Tools

  Peter Jobes Are you struggling to name your new business venture? It’s understandably nerve-wracking. This is going to be the identity that you fly your new venture under - and anything short of perfect is not what you had in mind to launch with. Especially...

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.io Domain: What Is It and Where To Buy It

  Peter Jobes There's nothing like a fresh new movement to help shake up the old norms and practices of the online real estate game, and .io represents something of a revolution in the Top Level Domains that are guaranteed to bring exposure. It's become a craze for...

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.me Domain: What Is It and Where To Buy It

  Peter Jobes In a world wide web that's coming to terms with the overpopulation of .com, .net and domain extensions, it's becoming popular practice to look slightly further afield for alternatives that can give webmasters a short and snappy URL that won't...

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15 Best Online Grammar, Punctuation and Comma Checker Tools

  Peter Jobes Sometimes you need to check your work’s grammar, punctuation and commas in a pinch. You don’t always have the time, resources or willpower to download software, install it, get it all set up and then use it for its intended purpose. It’s not always an...

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7 Hosting Providers That Offer Free Domain Name Registration

  Peter Jobes Whether you're looking to get your hands on a website to help raise exposure for a new business or aiming to take that blog to the next level, it's always fun keeping your eyes peeled for a bargain. And what better bargains are there than free ones? When...

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How To Come Up With a Blog Name in 2018: 12 Creative Ways

  Dmytro Spilka What's in a name? Well, quite a lot as far as brand power is concerned. The right use of blog naming can catapult a business into becoming synonymous with its products - just ask Coca-Cola, Hoover, and Sellotape. In the Blogosphere, it's no different....

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15 Best Blog Name Generator Tools & Websites in 2018

  Dmytro Spilka First impressions count. None more so than in the heavily populated world of blogging. There are over 450,000,000 blogs online today, so it pays to stand out from the crowd, and there's no better way of doing so than with a catchy, informative, and...

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