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Definition of Blogosphere

Blogosphere is a word used to describe blogs as a whole. Much like the word “internet” summarises everything you can find on it, Blogosphere refers to every blog and whatever may be contained within them.

Put simply, the Blogosphere contains blogs about every topic you could think of.

Significantly, the Blogosphere is a socially oriented universe that sits inside the World Wide Web that actively encourages interaction among bloggers. It’s this large community emphasis that makes blogging significant in maintaining a massive user base. The comments sections of blogs allow readers to interact with both each other and the author, as well as offering their thoughts on a given subject in blog form, paving the way for an extensive online conversation.

The use of categorising and tagging blog posts creates a web within the Blogosphere too, paving the way for an audience to find specific sites with ease. There are also many blogging platforms offering their own network of users and content – with WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Ghost and Squarespace among the most popular today.

Businesses were quick to identify the potential power of the universe of blogging, noting that a steady stream of content for customers would keep an audience engaged while offering them a chance to interact with the company. Additionally, with Search Engine Optimisation, a quality blog has the opportunity to bring in visitors on a scale that would otherwise have been impossible.

Tip: To fully embrace the power of the Blogosphere, be sure to interact with your community. Tag your posts and categorise them appropriately to maximise your visitors and keep in touch with comments on your articles.

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