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What's Blogroll?

Definition of Blogroll

A blogroll is a list of blogs/bloggers that you, or a blog owner, personally recommend reading. Those that engage in this practice often have their blogrolls clearly visible in the sidebar of their blog, to ensure they get a moderate amount of promotion.

Blogrolls are a key in bringing the community aspect of the Blogosphere to life. It’s good for exposure as well as network building, and can make a big impact on your website’s referral traffic.

Managing the content that you share on your blog can create a more thorough experience for visitors to your page, and allows an audience to use your site as a point of reference for external articles on relevant topics. In turn, having your blog featured on a blogroll provides you with an all-important backlink allowing visitors to find your site much easier.

There are blogrolls universally available on all blogging platforms, and they are especially instrumental in linking blogs focusing on more niche subjects together – as a way of sharing knowledge in an online community that may otherwise find it difficult to find articles on their fields of interest.

Setting up your own blogroll is a simple process. The option can be found via the ‘Links’ section of your WordPress Dashboard, whereas websites like Blogger offer a widget covering external blog links that are easy to implement. You’re also able to create multiple link lists, which can be useful if you wish to offer your readers recommendations on different topics.

Tip: Use your blogroll as a way of interacting with other bloggers, if they see that you’re featuring their article then they’re more likely to return the gesture – provided your content is relevant, which provides strong backlinks for enhanced exposure to your audience.

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