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Building A Customer Loyalty Strategy With Mobile Integration

  Dmytro Spilka As the technology gets more advanced than yesterday and entrepreneurs become more knowledgeable in the methods of digital marketing, companies are now in wars for so needed attention. The primary cause of this massive shift as to how individuals...

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7 Tips For Creating a Trustworthy Social Media Presence

  Dmytro Spilka Social media has become a very important component of Internet marketing. Having a strong social media presence can potentially improve your brand reputation, customer engagement, brand awareness and even help you to provide an efficient customer...

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How to Conduct an E-Commerce Website Audit Like a Pro

  Dmytro Spilka Auditing is an e-commerce lifeblood. You need to constantly keep on top of how your e-commerce business is faring, and website audits play a big part in that. Without auditing, you might lose out on key sales opportunities, or miss important technical...

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Email Marketing in 2017: Predictions, Trends, Tips and Advice

  Dmytro Spilka "Email has the ability many other channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale" – David Newman There is a countless number of marketing options available to a digital professional or a webmaster. But, sometimes, you can only choose a...

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Blogging in 2017: What should Bloggers Focus on (Trends & Tips)

  Dmytro Spilka “Successful blogging is not about one-time hits. It’s about building a loyal following over time.” - David Aston Without mincing words, 2017 will be the most rewarding as well as most challenging year, yet known to the blogging enterprise. The template...

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The Undiscovered Superpower & Benefits of Facebook Live

  Dmytro Spilka Facebook has completely revolutionised the way that people communicate, form relationships, and make purchasing decisions online. Facebook has also become one of the most innovative companies in recent years — constantly developing new projects to...

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3 Reasons Why You Should Remaster/Update Your Existing Posts

  Dmytro Spilka It is unlikely that you have an unlimited number of contents to post on your blog if you invest quality time, resources and efforts into them. Besides, no matter the volume of contents at your disposal, you are most likely hoping to put them to the...

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12 Deadly Sins of SEO: Outdated & Dead SEO Strategies

  Dmytro Spilka When attempting to make our presence online, it can be tempting to play some tricks that don’t necessarily sit well with Google and other similar search engines, after all, it worked in the past, right? Well, initially it may well have, and many were...

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The Cornerstones and Parameters of Social Media Marketing

  Dmytro Spilka Almost every established product brand known to men once underwent the inevitable task of marketing online through social media. Increased brand awareness, customer relations management (CRM), global market penetration are just some of the innumerable...

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SEO in 2017: Experts share their SEO tips and trends for 2017

  Dmytro Spilka We are coming close to the end of 2016, and there seems to be a lot of uncertainty as to how we should approach SEO in 2017. There has been a number of changes to the way Google operates, including the rise of Accelerated Mobile Pages, Mobile First...

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