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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: 29 Affiliate Tips & Strategies

  Dmytro Spilka Whether you’re just starting out or not, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetise a website. People say it’s easy. But don’t be fooled. Just because you’re not creating products, doesn’t mean you won’t have trouble making money. There’s...

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Blogging Jobs: 9 Blogging Careers Worth Exploring in 2018

  Dmytro Spilka This guest post has been written by Berney McCol In this world of intense competition and expensive standard of living, it becomes important to earn good amount of money in order to sustain and have a standard quality of life. The traditional career...

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Use Keyword Consistency to Lower AdWords Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

  Dmytro Spilka On-page keyword use is a key concept in search engine optimization. Using keywords effectively goes all the way back to day one of SEO, even if the definition of “using keywords effectively” has changed from density to keyword consistency. But what...

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3 Similarities Between Google’s Algorithms and Trump

  Peter Jobes Who would've thought it? Google, the world's best-loved and famously forward-thinking search engine, have orchestrated their algorithms to behave just like the controversial and divisive leader of the free world. Why are Google's algorithms similar to...

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How To Easily Show Code Snippets On Your WordPress Website

  Dmytro Spilka WordPress is a powerful content management system that can display many types of media — including many different types of images and videos. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t display code snippets very well!  In most cases, you can’t paste code...

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WP Smush: The Ultimate Guide To Image Compression For SEO

  Dmytro Spilka It is important to optimise your WordPress website so it loads quickly. That’s because having a fast-loading site is much more enjoyable for your visitors to use — leading to an increase in conversion rate and return visitors. One of the easiest ways...

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How To Drive Quality Referral Traffic From Quora To Boost SEO

  Dmytro Spilka Here’s the deal: Quora is a traffic goldmine. The site gets about 200 million unique visitors every month. To be able to get 0.1% of that would be amazing. Heck, even 0.01% would be life-changing for most. The question is… How do you tap into Quora’s...

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WordPress RSS Feed: How, When and Why Should You Use It

  Dmytro Spilka If you often visit blogs or subscribe to news feeds, you may have come across the term RSS. It is a type of web feed that can be used to deliver updates to users when a website or blog adds new content. RSS is a useful feature to have on your website...

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